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Code Conquest Troubleshooting

Loss of connection happens. The guide below goes over how to diagnose and fix some common connection issues. 

Before the hackathon, try to ensure you have the best connection possible. Try to be seated close to your router. If possible, connect your computer directly to your router using an Ethernet cable. Reducing the number of devices actively on the internet can increase bandwidth if you have issues with internet speed.


If you lose connection, it is important to know if you're having problems with your internet connection or Zoom. 


If your WiFi crashes follow the steps below to try to establish a connection.


Diagnostic Tool

  • Right-click the WiFiicon in the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop. If you have a wired connection, this icon may appear different. 
  • Select Troubleshoot problems
  • The Windows diagnostic tool will look for problems. If there are any, it will suggest possible solutions or fixes. Follow the recommended directions to fix the problem.

Reset the Router

The Windows diagnostic tool may be able to detect this problem, but can't fix it. Try resetting the router by turning it off, waiting about 30 seconds, and turning it on again. See if your connection works after that.

Restart the Computer

Restart your computer and see if the connection is back.

Reset Internet Adapter

  • If the tool cannot solve the problem, sometimes resetting the driver can fix the problem.
    • Hit the Windows key and type "Network and Sharing Center" and select it when you see the option appear.
    • Select "Change adapter settings" on the left-hand side.
    • There may be a few adapters listed here, such as Bluetooth and WiFi. Find the option that represent your internet connection.
    • Right click on the connection and select 'disable' and wait a few seconds. Then, right click and click 'enable'.


Search for 'Wireless Diagnostics' in Spotlight. Then, select 'Open Wireless Diagnostics'. Follow the directions to diagnose and solve the problem.



  • If you lose connection rejoin by clicking the Zoom link again. If it seems no one has recognized that you haven't rejoined, post on the wall and tag Mentor Trish??? and your team coach. 
  • Disconnect other devices from the internet to increase bandwidth in your home network.

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