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Hackathon Setup

To join the hackathon, students will open up the Zoom session posted in the Code Conquest EDU community. Upon joining, students and coaches should set up their username and have their cameras turned on. While not talking, it is also best to mute your microphone. 

Rules and gameplay will be reviewed in the main session. When the Hackathon starts, teams will be sent into their own breakout rooms where they can collaborate with their teammates. Help from the kidOYO team can be requested while in the rooms. 

Look at the sections below to see how to setup and control your Zoom session.


Screen Setup

There are a couple of ways to set up your computers for the Zoom session and hackathon.

1 computer with an extra monitor

Best Option

2 computers

1 computer and 1 mobile device

Having one computer with an extra monitor is usually the best option as it allows you to open links shared in the chat, and you can use 1 mouse/trackpad and 1 keyboard. Having an extra device for the Zoom session is the next best option. If you don't have any way to have an extra screen, you can just use your computer with Zoom minimized, and the audio playing while you work.

Zoom Setup

Downloading and installing Zoom is the best option when joining a call. You can also join the call using the browser version of the app if you need to. 

To get directions on how to join a Zoom call, follow the directions on this page.

Change Name 

All students must change their name in Zoom to use their alias in the Code Conquest EDU the following format for the hackathon:

Alias (School - Team)

Existing Accounts

If you have an existing Zoom account, please change your name prior to the start of the hackathon. To do so, go to Settings (gear icon) in Zoom, then click on Profile on the left. Then click Edit My Profile. This will open all of the Zoom settings in a browser tab. Then, change your Display Name and click Save.

New Zoom Users

If you're using the browser version or the downloaded version of Zoom and don't have an account, simply enter your alias and district when prompted.


This feature is very useful and prevents background noise from interrupting conversation. Although you can mute and unmute by clicking the button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you can also set up a hotkey. To do so, click on the drop down next to the microphone button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.  Then select Audio Settings, and then Keyboard Shortcuts from the left menu.

Check off the box for Mute/Unmute My Audio. Now your all set up, and you can mute and unmute yourself by pressed Alt+a.

Video Settings

To toggle your video on and off, click the Start/Stop Video button towards the bottom left-hand corner of the Zoom window.

Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds allow you to add a background to your video feed as if you had a green screen. This can be fun, and is especially useful if you're not in an ideal area to be in a video call. To add a virtual background, click the dropdown next to the Video button, and select Choose Virtual Background. Some computers do not support the virtual backgrounds feature.

For more information on this feature, see Zoom's information page here.


You can type text and share links with your teammates by using the chat feature. To open the chat window, click the Chat button in the bottom of the screen. If you open up a screen share, you may have to reopen your chat window by pressing the More button and selecting chat.

Chat Button

Chat during Screen Share

Share Screen

When you're in your breakout room with your team, you can share your screen by selecting the button below located at the bottom of your Zoom screen. You will be prompted to share a screen or window with your teammates. 


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