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You came, you saw, you are ready to conquer!

The maker spirit is meant to be passed around as rapidly as possible. In the days before our own Maker celebration on Long Island, the National Maker Faire in Washington DC brought together families, congressional leaders, makers, educators and a mini pop-up community of makers was brought into existence for 48 hours.

This is the maker movement... always moving!

Want the Long Island Maker Festival to make a start in your town? Leaders in communities like Oyster Bay, Sea Cliff, Bayshore, Huntington, Shoreham-Wading River, Riverhead, Dix Hills, Patchogue, Stony Brook, Garden City, Brookhaven, and all the rest who are ready to join the maker movement, we thrive and grow as local communities connected and empowering the maker spirit in all of us.

It is never too young to start making. We are always students in the maker movement. We can all be teachers in the maker movement. Leadership is a personal experience before it is a social experience, the choice to lead must be seized by Individuals who are ready to act.

A "Maker Education" is spreading like wild fire across the world. People who want to see their kids engage the maker education process, building experiences and outcomes with their hands and imaginations, are very actively networking opportunities to create this reality for every kid at every school.

Supporting this choice is an iterative process in itself. Makers understand that "failing forward" is how experience leads to successful outcomes. The tools and skills required to produce high-level results are in themselves opportunities for the development of local community value. Local opportunity... the kind that you can touch personally, and that students can touch for themselves... is the most important kind of opportunity of all.

Networks are newly structured with modern tools and methods, and too often, we miss the intended mark with our local efforts because someone is aiming off-mark. Sometimes we miss it because our local marks have been positioned in an unproductive way that can not be engaged. The learning process instilled within the maker movement is available to anyone and everyone, and help is always just a question away... as soon as you plug in.

The power of the internet is in the connectivity it empowers... independent connectivity. This is a special and rare type of empowerment, and it is changing all the rules for how Society advances. Combined with the making and coding movements bringing educational opportunities to every person, every classroom, every home... and we have a new archetype of participation and creativity happening around us. Open to everyone, driven by leaders.

This movement is growing on Long Island very quickly. Leaders are networking through their deployment of skills. New relationships and opportunities are quickly forming, pilot partnerships are being implemented, and Individuals are being given the opportunity to get involved in many different ways. Soon, the effects will be touching every kid in every school on Long Island. At the core of this movement is an idea shared by kids, parents, teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs and Individuals of every type... making this world is my opportunity, making my world is my responsibility.

Shared personal ownership; owning your own opportunity and participation within a network of equals is how movements that matter take shape, grow, and influence each of us for the better. We are all different, and this is our strength. It is not the color of our skin or our gender that makes us unique and immensely valuable... it is the structure of your logic, the breadth of your empathy that is of greatest interest.

We want to come to your town. We want to help build capabilities into your school. We want to work and play with your family. We are already kid-driven... so come on out and find the kid within... come make something cool with us.


LI Maker Fest @ Port Jeff Tents, 2015

LI Maker Fest @ Port Jeff Tents, 2015x

LI Maker Fest @ Port Jeff Tents, 2015y

LI Maker Fest @ Port Jeff Tents, 2015z


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