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Dev published on 2015-06-05T00:11:14Z

The maker movement often finds its roots in engineering projects with physical experiences, but increasingly the world is empowered by the languages of computing which bring art, science, math, engineering, and physical computing technologies to life in new ways.

For the past couple of years, kidOYO has partnered with Universities on Long Island to bring coding education to as many families as possible via events. These events are FREE to attend and are always driven by volunteer mentors. They are meant to give exposure to topics ranging from building websites with html, css or javascript... to learning about Java on the path to the massively popular subject of building Minecraft mods, to python, Scratch, processing, BASIC, and many other coding topics.

It is not possible to learn to code in three hours, by any means, but by working with people who love technology for the empowering outcomes it enables, these events enable young people and families to learn how to get started smartly, and to engage a learning process that can be rewarding within multiple parts of our personal lives.

For many students at these events, the progression in interest takes them into kidOYO semester long programs, winter semester learning events and summer programs that build skills with progressive method driven instruction while working with talented instructors from top computer science schools in all of the US. And while kids with these special interests gain access to 3D printers, micro-controllers for prototyping innovative ideas, and learn to create games, websites, apps, mods and other interest-driven outcomes... it all has a very simple way of starting by just showing up and being willing to learn in a new way, to fail forward and engage an iterative educational process.

Code Long Island is an extension of the Long Island Maker Fest idea... as it is all about empowering place... our local community. At a time when we see many talented kids leaving our local area to find top jobs in other areas around the US, these collaborative efforts are crucial for building the kind of workforce development outcomes that empower families, regions and the companies that will come to exist here, on Long Island.

If you created an account on this site...bring it with you to and click on the 'Join Community' need to setup another account, just join and get started learning. There are lessons and tools for you to check out... and thanks to OYOclass, the platform supporting these community resources, you can even obtain a FREE website while you are there. Check it out!



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