What is the "Maker Movement"?
Dev published on 2015-01-23T01:00:36Z

The "Maker Movement" is a grassroots effort to inspire people to connect with the rewarding activity of making science, technology, engineering, art and math come to life with hands-on learning and project-based discovery driven by personal interests. It represents a growing community of people who believe that the act of making, or discovering personal value by touching the tools of manufacturing and invention is an activity requiring more awareness in our local communities.

The maker movement is not just a movement that touches entrepreneurs, it is also an effort that reaches into local schools and alters the way students engage learning about advanced concepts. Where "entrepreneurship" can be a hard word to pronounce, and even more challenging to engage... making is a word that is universally accessible to anyone at any age, and is fundamental to all learning. This is the power of the maker movement, you can join it... no experience necessary.

Professionals, hobbyists, educators, students, families, artists, scientists, programmers, engineers... everyone... you can be a part of the maker movement. Starting this June, our local communities around Port Jefferson, New York will for the first time have the opportunity to join this global movement. We are an open community-driven effort... reach out to find out how you can engage and be part of it.

We look forward to meeting you!



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