Incubating Long Island's Maker Movement

As the founders of several learning communities on Long Island, with a focus on engineering, entrepreneurship and computer science, our team has influenced partnerships with leaders young and old. Our core belief is independence and self-empowerment ("OYO")... ideas that are rooted in the maker movement, and find great appeal to the mentors and students we work with. As of 2020, we serve 85,000+ students and teachers on Long Island alone - as an unfunded non-profit producer of Public-Benefit Technology, learning systems, curriculum, live events and CTLE certified professional development.

It is exciting to see new student-led groups popping up all over Long Island to further propel the hands-on nature of learning that our non-profit organization has always been aimed at empowering. These learning opportunities and community festivals bring out families and local leaders, and inspire schools to engage in the process of bringing project-based learning into every classroom.

Every classroom is different... every student is unique... every learning process is personal. Tools matter. Data matters. Methods of instruction matter. Mostly, people matter... and that is really what the maker movement is all about. Empowering people to create their own stories.

Technical illiteracy has affected our Society in profound ways... from Ivy League dorm rooms that established the Facebook data model, to citizen Rights and responsibilities among surveillance capabilities that are increasing with each passing day. Changing how families and Individuals, young and old, access personal opportunities and education is incredibly important work. We are not all having the same experience, and we really do not want to either... but we do all want choice and the personal empowerment to decide how we participate in this age of innovation.

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